Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adjusting is hard!

Good morning (well, afternoon, technically)!

How is everyone? I just took charge of a package I ordered from Ebay. I ordered a Weight Watchers Points Calculator. It's pretty cool because you punch in the calories, fat and fibre and it gives you how many WW points a food item is.

Eventually you remember how much everything is and don't need to use it so much, but it's been a long time since I've been on WW and it helps out immensely. You'd be surprised ...some foods pack a serious points punch!

I'm sort of bummed as I write this, because I haven't even had lunch yet and I already know that I am going to be way, way, way over in points today. Last night I made hamburgers for supper with potato salad and coleslaw, which I brought for lunch today. Not that that is the real problem!

The real problem, which has always haunted me no matter what plan I follow, is that I have a tendency to fly out of the house without eating breakfast, and then to order a very high fat (read: delicious) chocolate muffin or other confection for breakfast, along with a coffee. At least in the last part I have improved: I used to order cappuccinos or hot chocolates with my muffin.

This is KILLING me. A muffin from second cup is (conservatively) 7 points, and the coffee (2 cream, 1 splenda) is about 2 points. There are 9 of your 26 points for the day.

I could have 21 mini wheats in milk for breakfast for 5 points (don't ask me why the box says a serving of mini wheats is 21...:). I could have a shake for probably 3 or 4 points.

So WHY do I always flake at the last second and flee to the comfort of the muffin?

It's like my morning crutch. But I'll tell you this: on the days I eat breakfast BEFORE leaving the house and don't go to the coffee shop, I gain 100% more willpower.

Food for thought. Literally.

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