Monday, November 2, 2009

Faux Cauliflower Mash

Hello once more!

This post I've come to share a little bit of an accomplishment with you all: I have overcome my fear of a certain IPD recipe, namely, Faux Cauliflower Mash.

I have often heard low-carbers go nuts for this recipe, even those who generally dislike cauliflower. I myself am really, not a fan of cauliflower. I just couldn't fathom liking something that would contain this....vegetable.

Also, my mother used to try and pass off smashed steamed cauliflower as mashed potatoes to us when we were younger, and we would wail "These are not potatoes!!" She then would try desperately hard to say "I have no idea what you're talking about, it's mashed potatoes!" with a straight face. She always failed.

Anyways. Without further ado... I give you...
Faux Cauliflower Mash!


- Half a cauliflower
- Butter
- Double cream
- Salt and pepper
- Nutmeg, if you like


Steam the cauliflower florets until very tender. Chuck into a blender. Blend with a generous knob of butter and a glug of cream. Season. Serve.

How is that for simple?

What I thought...

Well. It looks a lot more appetizing when done than I thought it would! And also.... I think it would make for really good and healthy baby food. For us grownups? I'm not sure. I think it might grow on me. When I really want mashed potatoes, it MIGHT get me through my craving. I can still taste the cauliflower (since, well, it is cauliflower). I also added a generous dollop of sour cream to the recipe when it was in the blender.

I also think that you need to leave it for a few minutes to firm up, which it does.

Will I make it again? Mabye. Probably.

I also wonder...if one was to add some minced garlic to it, what would happen? That might just change it from good, to great.

...I'm going to have to try that!!

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