Monday, June 1, 2009

A new day begins...

Hi there, my name is Anne McDonald and I'm creating this blog in order to keep myself inspired and on the "pink path", as it were. (More on the pink path later, if I get around to it).

Basically the main thrust of this little corner of the cyber-world will be to get inspired, to learn, and mabye crack a few funnies every now and then. What am I talking about, you cry?

Cooking, of course! More specifically, Low- Carb cooking. (And perhaps baking, if I can be trusted not to eat the whole delicious recipe in one sitting).

The Rules:

Rule #1: No one talks about fight club. Oops - wrong blog.

Rule #2: I want to learn how to cook better, and inspire other people to take an interest in what I'm doing, and how they can do it too. I'm not sure that's really a rule, more of a goal. But hey... we'll let that pass.

Rule #3: Every now and then, I might cheat a little :)

Rule #4: There are really no rules. Just like there is no spoon.

There are some guidelines though.... I dislike it when Low-Carb recipes suggest things like "here is the recipe. Serve over rice, or a big plate of pasta!"

Like...WTF? That is not low-carb! Now you're giving me a recipe that's making me THINK! (Think about ways to fix it, that is....)

What I will try to do is not pick recipes like that. And if I find that a book or site is made up mostly of dumb recipes like this, I will say so. And wherever I possibly can, I will let you know the carb content + sugar content of the recipe. How does that sound? Good? Good.

I think I can get off my high horse now. Perhaps we should celebrate this post with a drink!

My first foray into the world of low carb will be a cocktail. Ready...setty...go!

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